Grafox: An SVG Extension for Firefox

Well, today is my birthday, so I’m giving you all a present. I’m finally releasing my Grafox extension, which extends Firefox’s native SVG functionality. I’ve gotten quite a lot of requests for this, which strikes me as odd, since I haven’t promoted it much at all. I’ll also note that Holger Will also has a Zoom & Pan extension that is quite good.

Grafox adds zoom and pan controls, and support for text-wrapping, editable text, and declarative animation, among other things. And at this stage, it adds them all badly. I’m releasing it now not because it’s stable (in fact, it was more stable a few versions ago), but because it’s unlikely to get stable bit-rotting on my harddrive, and I’ll be more inspired if I have an audience. I’m also releasing it as an open source project, in a sense… anyone can take any piece of it they need, and more importantly, anyone can submit patches or feature requests. I’m hoping that by the time Firefox 3.0 hits the wire, Grafox will be stable and functional.

The permanent home for it will be on my Grafox page. Try it out, and let me know what you think.