Burn the Whole Place Down

I usually work late, and when I have an early meeting, my girlfriend sets the alarm for me after she wakes.  This morning, she asked me if I wanted her to set it.  I sat upright, grabbed her arm, lay back down, closed my eyes, and said, “I thought we were going to help you escape.  They don’t have a replacement yet.  Get some Molotov cocktails… burn the whole place down.”
Naturally, I have no memory of this.  She told me about it when she got home from work.

One thought on “Burn the Whole Place Down

  1. I had a similar incident a couple of months ago. My response after being awaken by the missus was, “Don’t worry about it hon, the hippos are coming to help us.” I then laid back down and was out. There was no alcohol involved.

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