For the first time, on my third trip to Japan, I saw Mt. Fuji.  M and had I tried to see it from Hakone last time I was here, but the weather wasn’t playing along.

The W3C-Keio team was taking a break out on the patio of the office, talking about how beautiful it was in the fall.  I saw a few mountains under a white-clouded sky, and asked if Mt. Fuji was visible.  They thought I was joking.  They pointed out that it was… and that I should get a picture from the other patio, where the radio tower didn’t get in the way.  As I was framing the shot, still unclear as to which of the mountains it was, my perception shifted… and I saw that the clouds weren’t clouds, but the snow-covered peak of a monstrous mountain!  It was so big, it didn’t even register at first.  It reminds me of the islanders (Hawaiians?) who couldn’t see the European ships off the shore… it was just outside their experience.