Party On

When we were hunting for a new house this past Summer and Autumn, M and I wanted a place that would be good for parties. It’s not that we have thrown a lot of parties in the past… it’s that we wanted to change that. Well, we found a great place: spacious living room and kitchen, and a screened-in porch with sliding glass doors that joined the two. And we have had a few small dinners and hosted one Meet-Up. But we haven’t been holding parties, not even a housewarming. This year, that changes!

Our collective New Year’s Resolution was to throw a party a month for the next year. We succeeded –just barely– in that crucial first step… throwing the first party. We screwed up a little, with both of us so busy and thinking the other was sending out the email invitation, we only sent it out on Thursday, the day before the party, so we weren’t surprised that not many folks showed up. But we had fun anyway, and now we’re better prepared for next month.
Next month being Chinese New Year, we’re throwing a Chinese New Year’s Eve party on February 17. What exactly that entails, I have no idea yet, but it’s probably got something to do with dragons, pigs (next year’s Chinese zodiac animal), potstickers, and fireworks.