There’s Biplanes Over Chapel Hill (and I’m not too surprised…)

Yesterday, the weather was nice, so after a late lunch on the screened in porch (where we let our cats explore as we ate… they don’t get to go out there much), we went for a bike ride. Our house is surrounded by a woods, and there’s a muddy trail that connects us to the Bolin Creek Trail, which is a paved bike/walking path that runs through the woody part of the central town. For reasons unknown –there was no special event that I know about– there was a biplane flying around over the town. That’s Chapel Hill. And on the way back on the dirt trail, there were 2 white-tail deer. The deer are no surprise in themselves… our neighborhood has a lot of them. But they were running from us with their tails lifted high, and their thick tails must have been a foot long! The effect was exaggerated by the white stripes on their behinds. I had just never seen such extravagantly long tails on deer before. We were both fascinated. I wish I’d brought my camera.

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